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Privacy Policy

Feiertag Ferenc EV. (Data Management) informs its Customers that related to personal data protection act in accordance with the prevailing laws, and protect your personal information. The data given the right to self-determination and the info CXII of 2011 on információszabadságról. treated as confidential in accordance with the provisions of the law, not be disclosed to third parties, and are used only for specified purposes.
Our company is subject tov & AA in data handling cute, BBA control to automatic processing of personal privacy of individuals 1998. VI. Act CIV of 2010 on the freedom of the press and the basic rules of the media. Law and médiaszó 2010 Act CLXXXVI on szolgáltatásokról and mass. the provisions of the Act.
During a visit to the site without registering, the system is only general information, which does not identify the user registration on the website (attendance, technical data, statistics etc) you expressly consent to treat personal data supplied;.
Data management is the volunteer entering data & acu Thou. to view based on the contribution of Feiertag Ferenc EV. declares that the information provided by you as the only manage their own data, the data is stored in a closed-loop computer system.
The objective of managing the personal data that megrend typing their reservations quickly and accurately they will be granted, and that the services fully meet your needs. Data management is the legal basis for the 2011 CXII. Law § 5 paragraph (1) a) provides. Feiertag Ferenc EV. Is kept and s Zelin your personal information for as long as you are not prompted to delete the data, or the data treatment is terminated or storing the data specified in the Act deadline expired, or the court or the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information adság Authority ordered the deletion of data.
On our website we use cookies in order to visit the site faster and more convenient. Please note, however, that when you set up your browser to use Cookies & aac ute; t deny. Feiertag Ferenc EV. Is not responsible for any unauthorized adatfelhasználásért, which is a result of the website and the database to a user illegally breaks. Please also note that this Privacy Policy only apply to our website, tomorrow is by using the links on further tomorrow to visit six sites which always refers to the current site’s privacy policy.
Please also note that in case of any violation of the rights of the National dat & Spare parts according to Thou Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (Address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet passage 22 / c) is entitled to be notified or go to court.
If you need further information on the above prospectus, so b & aacu Thou rmikor request information on the management of personal information and request correction or deletion of personal data of info@tuktuktaxi.hu e-mail or post to Budakeszi in 2092, Széchenyi utca 211. mailing address.